Steve Bristow, Evansville IN. 155 inch Whitetail.  Marc, Whoa! 
       Killer, killer, killer job. I'll tell the world who made this mount! Thanks friend.

       Tammy Cosby, Richmond, VA.  130 Inch Whitetail.   I LOVE IT!             

Rich Kober, Morton, IL. 145 inch Pope and Young. My deer mount is stunning to say the least. The eyes, ears, nose and color shading on my mount is right up there with the best that I have ever seen. It took 3 months to get my mount back and that includes having a complete tine repaired. Thanks for doing a great job! 

Randy Melvin, Schaumburg, IL. 201 inch Mule deer, 161, 146, 153  inch Whitetail.  This ones for you you know I have had some of the best taxidermist in the country doing my heads for the last 2 decades, but I am here to tell you that you are officially my taxidermist. I know that most big name taxidermists wouldn't trash out each other's work, and I know personally that you never say anything negative about anyone else's work,  ( and if I did you wouldn't post it ), so I want you to know that you're a good man and I am honored to have you mount my trophies for me. It is a pleasure to know I can trust you in every aspect of the trade and beyond! 

Gino DeFeudis, Northborough, MA. 145, 120, 118, 120 inch Whitetails.   would trust Marc with any of my trophies. Aside from being a great taxidermist, He is one of the best people I have dealt with, in any business.  He cares as much about making the customer happy as anyone that has ever done any work for me.  He is responsive, thorough, ethical, and overall just a pleasure to work with.  I can't say enough.

The Boys from Illinois! ( That's supposed to rime ) Hey buddy, we just wanted to tell the world that nobody builds big, macho whitetails like you do. If you want your heads to look like they pick fights with all of the other deer, Marc's the man for the job. He's the only guy I know that can make a mean looking brute of a deer or take a 120 incher and make it look like serious trouble without going overboard. Marc's trademark can standout in a room of 500 heads, we know, we can pick em out at the Deer Classic in Illinois. Yours truly...Roy, Allen, Tim, Lenny, Dave and the rest of us deer slaying machines at Cottonwoods Guide Service.  

Museum of North American Game Animals, location  to be announced.  Dear Dr. Marc Anthony, after careful consideration and may hours of due diligence, we would be honored to acquire your services for our upcoming project, AKA The Museum Of North American Game Animals. Further details will follow. If you would be kind enough to schedule us into your itinerary this year, we can plan on your services for our first phase. Showcasing your work would carry our theme into the upper echelon of realism.   

Greg Murphy, Jacksonville, IL. 110 inch Whitetail.  Hi marc, I just wanted to thank you for the way you treated my boy with his first deer kill. That was very kind of you to help us in the way that you did. Jake loves his deer in a way that only a hunter would understand. 

Jeff Walsh, Peoria, IL.  168 Pope and Young Whitetail.  Marc is an upper classman when it comes to taxidermy work. I take my heads to Marc for several reasons. First, I can trust him. Second, His work is superior. Third, he is a master hunter who has multiple record book heads of his own, so he understands the importance of my trophies. 

Jack-The-Rack Getz, Manchester, MO.  All I can say is 12 heads and counting! One common denominator....Marc. Wouldn't have it any other way. End of story.

Jay Millen, Loveland, OH. 173 inch Whitetail.  You should have been a plastic surgeon Marc! Incredible. I'll send my old mounts to you now as I can't have them next to this masterpiece. 

Jerome Ashland, Tomball, TX. We are so amazed with our deer that you mounted for us. Thank you everyone at Look Alive Taxidermy who was involved in the process of mounting our deer.  

Bob Gretto, Columbus, OH. 165 inch Whitetail.  Wow! I just wanted to drop you guys a note and tell you that it was worth sending my deer to you! I couldn't be happier. The local taxidermists around here all do the same work and they all look the same. I didn't really know there was a difference until I got my deer back. Thanks so much guys!

Mike McNamara, Shreveport, L.A. 125 inch Whitetail.  What a mount! You all did a knockout job on my deer, man. Every person that comes to my house comments on how cool it looks. This is a big deer for around here, so I wanted someone who had experience with large deer to mount it for me. BTW, I got your name from Tom Ligget. I'll send you my next deer, you can be sure of that. Thank you all! 

Steve Vetter, Muscatine, I.A. 176 inch Boone and Crockett.  Hey, I just wanted to tell you that my deer arrived . I am really pleased with it! I have 2 mounts done by Joe Meder himself, and I have your mount right next to them. No difference in quality and yet I can see the difference in style. What a killer job Marc, thanks for taking care of me. Only certain people can understand what it is like to have a Booner, and to ship it away out of state was a little nerve racking, but I can tell you that it was a pleasant experience the whole way. Thanks for watching out for my prize and you can bet I will drop your name to every hunter that I know. Thanks Marc.

Jimmy Raleigh, Pardee, W.I. 166 inch Pope and Young.  Hey, you cats at Look Alive did a impeccable job on my hog! I got your name from a guy who bought one of your replicas on EBAY and the dude was right on. The face is so real looking and the coloring is fantastic. Even my wife loves it. In fact, my wife hates all of my mounts until she saw this one. She actually enjoys looking at it like I do. How much would you charge me to re do my old mounts? Can I use the same capes? Get back with me when you can and thanks again.



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